Guy Reed Croteau  

Guy Reed Croteau Circa 1970-1973

Guy Reed Croteau. CET

I went to the Shenandoah Valley and started Timberville Electronics the Service Kings. We opened for business in November 1976 selling and repairing TVs and Stereos. November 1981 we sold our first  C-Band satellite system. In 1994 we transitioned to the small dish and this has been the direction the company has specialized in ever since.

We have expanded in to other areas, we started a Video Club in 1990 and moved it to the Timberville Shopping Center in 1993. We also create and maintain websites as well as host other businesses on our CrownMall server. In 2002 we started our latest project a large independent RadioShack store selling TVs, Major Appliances, Jewelry and much more. We employ about 30 people.

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